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    The profession that today includes the baking of artisan breads and assembling traditional pastries and desserts began thousands of years ago with the gathering of wild grass seeds and grinding those seeds between stones. A few things have changed for today’s baker, but the passing down of a classic art form from father to son has not changed for deBoer Bakkerij. The deBoer's have been crafting incredible artisan breads, buttery pastries, and delicious cookies in Holland, MI since immigrating from Kollum, Nederland in 1956.


    Today, fourth generation baker Jakob de Boer and his sons, the Dutch Brothers of Holland, perfect their trade in Holland since 1998. With the addition of their breakfast and lunch restaurant in 2008, the brothers are fueled creatively by classically trained baker Samuel deBoer and their head Chef and graduate of the Florida Culinary Institute Mitchiel deBoer. Jacob deBoer is the Bakery and Restaurant’s manager.


    Be sure to visit the bakkerij or restaurant for breakfast. If your visit is for breakfast try a steaming cup of deBoer’s own fresh roasted coffee, paired with a bakery fresh pastry or treat yourself to a home-style breakfast cooked to order. We have been serving award winning breakfast dishes for over 10 years at this sit down, full service location.


    In April of 2018 deBoer's expanded their culinary footprint in the city of Holland by opening a second location on the South side of town. While the same dedication and classic culinary expertise is evident at this location, you will find a much different atmosphere than at their North location. The South location specializes in a delicious double fried chicken tender for a fast and casual lunch/dinner option. You can find the bakery cases stocked full with familiar items found at the North location as well. 


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