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deBoer's Coffee Roasters

We take great pride in the fact that all of our bakery and restaurant offerings are house made daily. So it only made sense that we decided to roast our own coffee beans under the very same roof in which we brew and serve hundreds of cups each day. We taste the difference and know you will too. When you order your coffee from us you can choose whole beans or ground to perfection depending on how you prefer to make your cup.

Choose from our selection of carefully crafted and distinct flavors.

Costa Rican Tarrazu

The ideal climactic conditions of Costa Rica combined with the rich volcanic soils produce a hard,dense bean, rich in essential oils that make an intensely aromatic cup of coffee overflowing with rich flavor. Coffees from these areas are truly gourmet.


This natural coffee from Indonesia is low in acidity and very heavy bodied, perfect for a very dark roast. Some describe the flavor as exotic and earthy.

Colombian Decaf

Central America is known for its light, sweet and delicate coffees and this decaf is no exception.

Espresso Blend

Great alone or in a latte, our espresso blend imparts rich coffee aroma and flavor with a rich beautiful crema. 

Frisian Farm Blend " House Blend"

Our medium roast of Costa Rican Tarrazu and Brazillian Santos, a perfect cup any time of the day. 

Toasted Coconut
Our house coffee with an enchanting toasted coconut flavor. 
*sold in 12 oz bags*

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