Daily Bread ( offered Tuesday- Saturday)

Country French- Our classic all purpose bread made the old fashioned way by preparing a starter the night before, great for sandwiches and morning toast.

Country Wheat- The multi-grain version of our Country French includes whole wheat, flax, millet, oats, sunflower seeds, and cracked wheat berries. 

Jewish Deli Rye- Jewish Rye delivers tangy rye flavor and a moist chewy crust made the old fashioned way with a rye sour and old bread soaker.

Brooklyn Style Semolina- A light textured golden loaf rolled in sesame seeds made with semolina durum flour that is typically used to make pasta. One of our favorites. Perfect with pasta and scrumptious sandwiches. 

Muesli- Our whole wheat breakfast bread loaded with rolled oats, grains, black currants, golden raisins, dates and pecans. 

Dutch Crunch ( Tijgerbrood)- Tiger bread as they say in the Netherlands. Dutch Crunch is a soft slightly sweet bread with a crackling, crispy crust created by painting the bread with a flavorful rice flour paste. 

Volkoren Brown Bread ( Bruin Brood) - This straight forward whole wheat bread is light and fluffy sweetened with molasses and rolled in oats. Brown bread is sold all over the Netherlands and is a family favorite. 

Sugar Bread- Our house egg bread chopped with sugar cubes and a cinnamon smear. A must try grilled with butter. 

 Dutch Currant- A true Dutch experience made with an old fashioned white bread and loaded with currants. 

Almond Dutch Currant- The same wonderful bread as described above, with the almond paste loaded in the center of the bread. 

Daily Rolls:

Baguette. Pan Telera. Pizza crust. Bollio


Hamburger Buns- challah and french

Hotdog Buns

Slider Buns

Currant Buns

Holland Dutch Rusk- special order only